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My Muddock Line 
A very brief simplistic narrative (of my ascendants) is shown         which has been used for DNA testing purposes. Mr Beverley Rowe has also written an interesting booklet on his research into the Muddock name which can be found on his web site by clicking                       
Through out my entire 'Muddock One Name Study' research, I have managed to find only 471 people who were born a Muddock. The soundex code for Muddock is M320. 

Famous Muddock's 
There is a famous author relation born James Edward Muddock, who is a distant relation of mine (1st cousin 4 times removed), who went under the names Dick Donovan, James Edward Preston Muddock or as a female author called Joyce Emerson Muddock. There is a                                      dedicated to him with a mass of information including republished books which are available to purchase, including his autobiography Pages From An Adventurous Life. 

Origins of Muddock  
I do not know whether the name Muddock comes from Wales, Scotland or even England, in the early 1700's within my family line it is still in England. I'm pleased! The name also features heavily in Suffolk. Muddock mainly occurs in Redlingfield and towns of close proximity. The earliest Muddock that I have found so far is 'Henry Muddock, son of Goss and Margret Muddock'. Henry Muddock was born in Redlingfield in Suffolk and was christened in Redlingfield on 6 April 1686. 

Records Searched
  • All BMD records at the Family Records Centre (FRC) since 1837, including purchasing every certificate.
  • Every census from 1841 to 1901 using
  • Various parish records.

Shaun Muddock
Updated 14.10.2020