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Saint George (died about 303), Christian martyr and Patron Saint of England, born in Cappadocia (eastern Asia Minor). His life is obscured by legend, but his martydom at Lydda, Palestine, is generally considered a matter of historical fact, testified to by two early Syrian church inscriptions and by a cannon of Pope Gelasius I dated 494, in which St George is mentioned as one whose name was held in reverence.

The most popular of the legends is the dragon. A pagan town in Libya was victimised by a dragon (representing the devil), which the inhabitants first attemptem to placate by offereings of sheep, and then by the sacrafice of various members of the community. The daughter of the king (representing the church) was chosen by lot and was taken out to await the coming of the monster, but George arrived, killed the dragon, and converted the community to Christianity. In 1222 the Council of Oxford ordered that his feast, on April 23, be celebrated as a national festival, and in the 14th century he became the Patron Saint of England and of the Order of the Garter.

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